Wednesday, September 17, 2014

INBOUND 2014: Part I

This week I'm at INBOUND 2014 exposing myself to as much content marketing information that I possibly can.

For those that don't know, this conference consists of 10,000 fortunate marketers who are privileged enough to attend sessions and keynotes from headliners such as Martha Stewart, Simon Sinek, Guy Kawasaki, Malcolm Gladwell... and the list goes on.

Because my favorite way to consume, digest, and reflect on information is in bite-sized nuggets consisting of the least amount of words and containing the richest content, here's a look at my top takeaways so far....

"At the end of the day, innovation is about being curious and thinking about what is next and thinking about how we can improve upon what we are currently doing."

"We need to move away from stories and toward relationships. Instead of constant storytelling, shift to story making and make stories with the people that you care about."

"We need to spend time away from technology to recharge our systems."

"At the end of the day its not a device, its a human. We are communicating with people, not numbers on a spreadsheet."

"Leadership is not a rank but a responsibility."

"Business is about human beings looking for people to be around that make them feel safe."

"Leaders are responsible for the people. The people are responsible for the numbers."

"A performance driven company typically means an environment with no trust and safety."

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

101 in 1001

While not a new concept, I was inspired by and decided to create a 101 in 1001 list back in May and recently picked it back up by completing the list of 101 things I hope to complete in 1001 days. I have until next November/December to check everything off my list and I have to say I'm excited by the challenge this presents. 

Like the next type-A, organized individual, I have an obsession with lists. Like the next growth-hungry 20-something, I like setting and completing goals and value the feeling of accomplishment and development, even more so in my personal life than in my professional list. 

Here's an excerpt of what I've accomplished since May and several of my favorite items that I have yet to cross off. 

Have you ever created one of these lists? Have you considered doing one? Comment and let me know how it went!

1. Visit my Austin friends (completed May 30)
2. Visit Napa with James (completed July 3)
3. Get engaged (completed July 3)
4. Take a father/daughter vacation
5. Run 2 more half marathons
6. Fully decorate our new apartment and make it "home"
7. Start a long-term volunteer project
8. Buy fresh flowers once a week for a month
9. Finish paying off my car
10. Give up complaining
11. One month with fresh juice shots every morning
12. Learn to make paella 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weddings: Reception Decor

The inspirations and ideas that come with being recently engaged, I've found, can sometimes teeter on the line of overwhelming. Thanks to Pinterest, my growing array of Google docs, and my daily work to-do list that now includes a 'personal' section, I'm doing my best to keep my head above water.

Today I'm finding myself particularly inspired and intrigued by centerpiece and table decor. Below is where my head is and what I'm able to find with my Pinterest searching abilities. Our venue has a very open feel, is indoors, and several of the walls in the room our reception will be held in are floor to ceiling glass. It is on the fourth floor in the middle of Charlotte's uptown neighborhood (meaning our view is more skyscraper, less green). Thoughts on how to capitalize on this?

Monday, July 28, 2014

24 Hours // #ChandonSummer // 09.12.15

Last Friday I spent the evening spectating Charlotte's 24 Hours of Booty cycling event which partially benefits the LIVESTRONG Foundation so you know this evening was near to my heart. My dad participated and we all had a great time cheering him on for a small portion of his 152 mile ride. It was also nice to see one of my sweetest friends from Austin as she was working the event.

Saturday, after spending a very busy/productive day running errands and shopping for our new apartment which kick starts August 12, James and I went to a restaurant week dinner at Napa on Providence (I now highly recommend) with some of my friends from college. 

Once we were home from our Napa trip we assigned milestones or certain events/dates for each bottle of wine we brought home with us. The summer Chandon sparkling was reserved for these friends since they first introduced us to Chandon as a whole. It was as good as we remembered tasting at the winery and that much more fun to share it with good company. 

In other (very) exciting news, we have set a wedding date and confirmed our venue for the ceremony and reception. September 12, 2015

We created these wine bottle labels and put them on two additional bottles from Napa that we set aside to enjoy with our parents. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Report

This weekend was one for one of my closest friends, Liza. She has been in Charlotte for the past couple of weeks and we turned her last weekend into quite the Bachelorette party.

*Note the hashtag in the mirror

All in all, it was a great time spent limo-ing to Childress Vineyards (I've had quite the month of wine), dinner and drinks uptown, Sunday brunch, and showering Liza with gifts.
I am so excited for your November 1 wedding and all the remaining fun between now and then!