Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Report

This weekend was one for one of my closest friends, Liza. She has been in Charlotte for the past couple of weeks and we turned her last weekend into quite the Bachelorette party.

*Note the hashtag in the mirror

All in all, it was a great time spent limo-ing to Childress Vineyards (I've had quite the month of wine), dinner and drinks uptown, Sunday brunch, and showering Liza with gifts.
I am so excited for your November 1 wedding and all the remaining fun between now and then! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Sales!

Yesterday I spent well over an hour at Nordstrom Rack. It was the first (surprisingly) time I'd been to the one near Charlotte and I was highly impressed. To counter my purchases, which I'll be sure to share in the near future, I am taking a large basket of clothes and shoes to Clothes Mentor today to bring back in a little $$$.

Do you consign clothes and accessories you're done with? I am big on selling on eBay and frequenting Clothes Mentor and it makes buying the new things that much easier.

All of this, though, got my mind on end of summer sales and online shopping. Here's a look at the deals I'm impressed by and some items I've got my eye on!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

So much love

I think our engagement has somewhat sunk in. My mom and I went and looked at our first potential venue today and James and I have spent our free time putting together our guest list and finalizing our wedding party.

I have felt so much love from family and friends this past week and a half that I just had to share some of it with you.

My mom came into Charlotte to have lunch with me last Tuesday and to see me for the first time since arriving back from our trip. She so sweetly brought me rubrum lilies, letting me know that she grows them because they were her favorite flower in her wedding bouquet. They were the perfect little addition to my work space for the week and I loved the sentiment behind the gesture.

I have enjoyed catching up with my friends on a more individual basis since I've been back in town as well. Their excitement is making it all so much fun and the magazines and champagne they've sent my way have kept me busy in more ways than one.

As if she had read my mind my mom had a little something for me when she picked me up from my office today to venue shop. She (thankfully) gave me the sweet ring holder pictured above and a manicure gift certificate. Much to James' annoyance I have been simply leaving my ring on my bed when I am cooking, running, and showering. So, not only do I love the look of the ring holder, its use will be much appreciated by us all.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Napa Recap

A week ago right now we were flying back to Charlotte from California so, as usual, my life hasn't allowed the time I'd like for blogging. Nonetheless, here is the play-by-play of our, by far, favorite trip ever.

San Francisco:
We didn't do much in SF besides visit the Full House spots (a must) and eat lunch on the water. We were so anxious to get to Napa that we were on the road as soon as lunch as over.

Where we stayed:
Embassy Suites Napa Valley. I highly recommend this spot for anyone traveling to Napa for its location. It was very convenient to downtown and to getting on the vineyard lined highways. It is a bit pricier and we are spoiled given James' plethora of hotel/airline/rental car points because of work but if you're headed that way and looking for a potential hotel, check it out. Their complimentary breakfast is not what you would expect for complimentary and they have a complimentary happy hour with a full bar and food each evening.

Where we ate:
Zuzu (so good we went twice) - paella negra, chiliquiles, and deep fried eggplant. I don't think we could have possibly ordered anything off the menu we didn't love.
Carpe Diem - seasonal chopped salad, fish tacos, crab stuffed squash blossoms, homemade Twixx bars with ice cream

Where we wined:
Hagafen Cellars
Rutherford Ranch
Andretti Winery
V. Sattui
Domain Chandon

We also recommend:
Biking around Napa
Oxbow Public Market for morning coffee
A shared limo tour

Our highlight:
...getting engaged! ;)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vaca Prep

Tomorrow night James and I are heading to Napa for a long weekend. This vacation has been awhile in the making. We added it to our list of trips we wanted to take sometime last year or the year before and spontaneously booked back in March. It is also the first real vacation I'm taking since starting my new job at the beginning of the year. To say it is needed is an understatement.

When it comes to vacation prep I like to consider myself an expert. Let's put it this way: my parents laughed in shock when I told them I hadn't looked up the movie that would be playing during our flight.

A couple of weeks before leaving I schedule out my days with things I want to get done (nails, airbrush tan, dry cleaning, particular laundry loads, etc.). And then from there I make a daily list to ensure nothing is missed.

Call it OCD, call it type-A, but I haven't left town unprepared in years and I owe it to this methodology.

We received the exciting news Monday that we'll be upgraded to first class for our, fortunately, direct flight. In the meantime, here is what preparation I have remaining and how I'll tackle it.

Tuesday evening:
-evening run
-pack (according to sectioned list and outfit plans)
-plan Wednesday meals
-coordinate schedule for leaving work for the airport with James
-choose travel outfit

-morning work out
-out of office plan finalized and communicated to my team
-leave computer at James' for Monday's return

Wednesday evening:
-get to airport
-dinner at Bad Daddy's
-turn off work cell
-board flight and let go of all of this!! #vacationmode

Have you been to Napa? What recommendations do you have?! Here are visuals of my "must" list. Can you name them??